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Model JAGUAR-410 Multi-Channel Analyzer & Spectroscopy System

Model JAGUAR-410 Multi-Channel Analyzer & Spectroscopy System

$ 5,070.00

The Jaguar 410 is a digital multi-channel analyzer (MCA) designed with the latest developments in digital electronics. The device’s built-in  algorithms are powerful enough to clearly retrieve useful electronic signals from electronic noise and to allow accurate performance under high count rate conditions. It also contains a miniaturized power supply for low power consumption and to conveniently provide the necessary power for large size scintillation detectors. The device has a memory size of up to 4096 channels and can perform multi-channel scaling  (MCS) as well. The data communication in this MCA is extremely fast with less than 200 nano-seconds for transmitting a 1k energy spectrum.

A basic acquisition software is provided for the device setup, control and data acquisition visualization. The basic software provides as well a few spectrometry-related functions like ROI analysis, peak search, etc. It also incorporates a digital oscilloscope function for better Jaguar 410 setup and fine tuning to specific detector signals.

A full system can be provided with necessary detector, shielding, stand, sources.


  • Fully digital Multi-channel analyzer (MCA) mounted on a compact 14-pin tube base of a photo-multiplier
  • Full Pulse-Height Analysis (PHA) and Multi-Channel scaling (MCS) modes for data acquisition
  • Up to 4096 channels for PHA and MCS acquisitions
  • Advanced electronic noise reduction algorithms
  • Compact MCA with sizes of H 75 mm x D 55 mm

Download MCA data sheet with Basic Data Acquisition Software  in  PDF

Download MCA Advanced Gamma Ray Analysis Software in PDF

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