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Mobil Early Warning Radiation Detection System

Mobil Early Warning Radiation Detection System

$ 75,000.00

The Mobil Early Warning Radiation Detection System is a complete, integrated  Mobile survey and mapping system with 5x4x16 Large Scintillation Detector advanced Gamma ray analysis with a Global Positioning system and weather monitoring module.  Vehicle not included.


Mobile Radiation Detection Software

 Spectroscopy Grade Early Warning Mobile System
 Integrated Spectrum Software with real-time GPS and Weather Station Display
 Database with logging and alarm condition recording
 Full quantitative and qualitative analysis software with remote notification ability


 Multi-channel scaling mode, peak search and identify, quantification based on ROIs or peaks search.
 Sophisticated multiple alarm functions are based on the overall count rate, individual ROIs, exceeding a specific rate or an increase in rate over a specific time interval. Alarms can trigger external devices.
 "ASCII" mode allows control of and data collection from the ARIA with user's own software or hardware.
 Instrument ease of use
 Accurate
 Quick set up
 Repeatable results
 Minimal training required
 Low Instrument Background; 0.001
 Fully editable standard libraries include all 497 isotopes listed in "Kocher's Radioactive Decay Tables."

AIO Compact Weather Station FEATURES: 

 Create custom data logger programs
 Display or graph data
 Build a custom display screen to view date or control flags/ports
 Collect data on demand or schedule
 Retrieve data using any of our telecommunications options
 Process data files
 Export data to third-party analysis packages
 Communicate with storage modules


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