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Model JAGUAR-310 Portable Radionuclide Analyzer

Model JAGUAR-310 Portable Radionuclide Analyzer

$ 9,500.00


The JAGUAR 310 Systems is both a field and lab system based on the NATS Jaguar
300 ARIA MCA which is full features MCA that can used in the Laboratory and in
the field for complete qualitative and quantitative analysis of gamma emitting


• Field Spectroscopy
• Food Analysis
• Air Sampling
• Survey
• Homeland Security
• Education & Training

System Overview

The Jaguar-310 systems used a field computer with complete NATS-310
Spectroscopy package. It can connect to any size Scintillation (1 Inch, 2 Inch, 3
Inch or larger) Detectors and other detectors such as GM and Neutron detectors.
The standard unit consists of a JAGUAR MCA along with 1.5 Inch Sodium Iodide
Detector and a Field Computer. The MCA unit is carried on a case with a belt hold
and provides the user to use the probe/detector for analysis.

Standard System Includes:

• ARIA MCA with battery power and AC adapter
• 1.5 Inch Inch Sodium Iodide (NaI) Detector with 3 Feet cable
• Portable touch screen PC with GPS
• Jaguar S300C Software
• Soft Carrying case with waist belt attachment for MCA

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