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Model XL-RT-D900 Electronic Personal Dosimeter

Model XL-RT-D900 Electronic Personal Dosimeter

$ 657.00

D900 Electronic Personal Dosimeter is an All Digital Electronic Personal Dosimeter that detects Gamma and X-Ray radiation and provides real-time alerts.

This Electronic Personal Dosimeter combines four functions in one:
•Dose Equivalent Rate Meter
•Accumulated Dose Meter
•Active Self-Reading Dose Meter
•Active Self-Alarming Dose Meter

This pager-like, direct-reading EPD accurately detects and measures radiation exposure for workers and responders in potentially hazardous environments.

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YSO Scintillator + SiPM

Type of Radiation Detected

Gamma, X-Ray

Energy Range

20 keV–3 MeV

Dose Rate Range

10 μrem/h–10 rem/h (0.1 μSv/h–100 mSv/h)

Integrated Dose Range

1 μrem–10,000 rem (0.01 μSv–100 Sv)


10 cps/mrem/h (1 cps/μSv/h) (∝ Cs-137)

Energy Response

≤ ±20% (∝ Cs-137) @ 20 keV–1.5 MeV, ≤ ±50% @ 1.5 MeV–3 MeV (∝ Cs-137)

Dose Rate Linearity

≤ 10% up to 10 rem/h (100 mSv/h)


±10% (∝ Cs-137)

Alarm Threshold

User-Set Values for Dose Rate: 100 μrem/h–10 rem/h (1 μSv/h–100 mSv/h)

Alert Options

Audible (80 dB at 12 in ∕ 30 cm), Visual (LED and Display), Vibrating

Alarm Response Time

≤ 6 s @ ≥ 1 mrem/h (10 μSv/h)

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