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Model EDUC-1510 Educational Lab Station

Model EDUC-1510 Educational Lab Station

$ 1,810.00


The NATS EDUC-1510 Radiation Counting System is built around
our own NATS Radiation Counter and provides the ultimate in nuclear lab systems for studying the characteristics of radiation. All controls and readouts are performed through the NATS EDUC-1510 software application. Externally, the only control is the on/off switch! Features of the instrument and software system include preset time acquisitions, a digital ratemeter with audible beeper and alarm, and digitally controlled
high voltage and threshold. The system includes a large volume Geiger-Mueller detector for improved efficiency, a 10-position sample stand, USB and serial interfaces to PC, software for full computer control and data transfer, five radioisotope sources, 20-piece calibrated absorber set, lab manuals on CD and cables.

System Components 

  •  NATS EDUC-1510 Radiation Counter with Windows software application
  • GM 35 probe with stand and cable USB cable
  • Set of five sources, Alpha, Beta, Gamma
  • Set of 20 calibrated absorber's
  • Experiments in Radiation Science Instructors & Student Lab
  • Manuals on CD
  • Power Supply


Detector Input: SHV connector. Accepts standard Geiger-Mueller detectors as well as most scintillation detectors. Other connectors available on request.
High Voltage: 0 to +1200 volts. Digitally selected in 1 volt increments.
Threshold: 0 to 3300mV. Digitally selected in 1mV increments.
Display: Through PC using NATS Student Software.
Indicators: LED to indicate power on, another blinks with each count.
Modes: Count for preset time, counts per minute, counts per second, set alarm level, set high voltage, perform high-voltage plateau.
Sound: Switch on front of unit enables or disables clicks on input counts. Alarm tone, triggered by count rate exceeding a selected level, will sound regardless of the switch position.
Connectivity: Contains USB and DB-9 connectors for flexibility.
Power: Input 9 volt DC, at 500mA.
Dimensions: 5 inches long, 4 inches wide, 1.25 inches tall.


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