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Model BNC-945-G Handheld Radioisotope Isotope Identifier

Model BNC-945-G Handheld Radioisotope Isotope Identifier

$ 15,340.00

The Model SAM 945 (SAM III) RIID combines fast spectroscopic isotope identification with ANSI detailing, GPS location and photography all in one report. The instrument is extremely rugged, with all cabling and detector probes housed inside an IP65 rubberized enclosure, and includes smartphone enhancements and reachback. The SAM III can withstand a 3 foot drop and is designed to hold up in unforgiving environments. It includes a protective seal to withstand water spray, heavy rain, hose decontamination,
sea salt and sand storms.
Spectroscopic reports collected in the field are appended with photographs and annotations. Using user-friendly smartphone technology, an entire report complete with GPS related data can be quickly conveyed to incident management, state or federal response agencies or other third party spectroscopy consulting groups.


• Handheld ANSI Standards N42.42 & N42.43 Compliant Isotope Identifier with SmartPhone
• Identify Multiple Nuclear Isotopes < 1 Second
• Optional 3He Neutron Detector (for SNM)
• Auto-Calibration and Stabilization
• Photo-Tagging with N.42 Data Networking
• Industry’s Largest Library (497 Isotope Options)

Other unique features only found in the SAM 945 include a laser pointer, LED Flashlight, Tripod Head Mount and four shoulder strap rings, allowing easy left hand, right hand or hands-free use.
Bluetooth alarms with various ringer tones enable users to clandestinely monitor an area without a loud audible alarm. The software to manage your device, as well as the smartphone app, are both included at no cost and upgradable as new versions evolve.


• Emergency Response
• Law Enforcement / HAZMAT
• Homeland Security
• Medical / Industrial
• Passenger and Freight Monitoring
• Non-proliferation Enforcement
• Health Physics / Radiation Safety
• Environmental Waste Monitoring
• Unattended/Remote Monitoring

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