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Model RSA-1175-RX Wireless Area Monitor

Model RSA-1175-RX Wireless Area Monitor

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Model 1175 Wireless Radiation Area Monitor
The NATS Model 1175 Area Monitoring System is a compact, expandable area monitoring system for detecting gamma and X-ray radiation using an internal Geiger-Mueller (GM) detector. The system is designed for indoor and outdoor area monitoring with ability to expand the range of the detection area by adding additional transmitters. A PC based software provides critical display and alarm parameters.

The system consists of two components, the 1175-TX (the detector and transmitter unit) and the 1175-RX (the receiving unit) and application software. The radios communicate on the license-free 915 MHz band and can communicate over distances of nearly a mile (direct line-of-sight).
This frequency also allows far better communication through mass (such as buildings) than at higher frequencies.

Model 1175-TX

The standard Model 1175-TX uses an LND 712 GM tube to detect ambient radiation. The unit is mounted in a weatherproof case rated at IP67/NEMA 4X. The detector is sensitive to gamma and x rays from about 40 keV and up. It is powered by four “C” batteries and can run for up to a year before
requiring replacement.

The unit continuously collects count data and periodically transmits an information packet containing the serial number of the unit, the count rate, the exposure rate, the battery voltage, and a status byte. There is also an internal alarm level that can be set by the user, as either a count rate or an exposure rate. If this level is met or exceeded, the data packet will be
transmitted every two seconds until the ambient radiation level drops below the alarm setting.

Model 1175-RX
The Model 1175-RX unit receives data from many 1175-TX units, validates the data, and transmits this data via USB to a monitoring software application for display and tracking. The device also draws its power from the USB port so there is no power switch or connector. It is powered on any time it is
plugged into the USB port and receives data packets from all 1175-TX units in range.

There are two LEDs on the front of the 1175-RX. The bottom LED is for power. When the unit is powered on the LED will shine red. When powered on and communicating with the 1175 Communicator application it will shine green. The top LED shines each time a packet is successfully
received from one of the TX units.

Software is included.

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